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Who doesn’t love movie night? Whether it’s just you and your popcorn, or a casual night in with your partner, or fun for the whole family — we all love sitting down in a cozy chair and watching a good film. And to truly maximise that setup, nothing beats an at-home theatre system to deliver the best viewing experience.

But there’s more to putting together an in-house entertainment system than just getting a shiny big TV. When it comes to your home theatre setup — whether you’re getting one newly installed or upgrading your existing one — here’s what to keep in mind.

Pick the Right Equipment

You can’t have an entertainment setup without the equipment for it! The most important part of the setup is your TV or projector and screen. Following that, you might need a home theatre receiver or streaming device, and of course, your speakers. (And while you’re at it, maybe even get an extra-comfy couch to boot.)

Get Your TV Setup Perfect

Now that you’ve got that new TV, you’ll need to get it set up. First off, choose the right wall mount. Do you want it free-standing, or mounted on a wall? From there, you’ll need to pick the correct brackets, and decide whether you want it to swivel or remain static. If you go for a wall-mounted setup, ensure it’s attached securely to the surface.

Mounting your TV also entails getting the most optimal viewing angle. If you want the best and most comfortable viewing experience, you’ll need to know the perfect height and angle to place your TV. This eliminates any glare from external light sources, maximises the viewable space, and positions the TV at the best distance from your seats.

After that, position the speakers correctly for the best audio experience as well. Getting the acoustics right can be tricky, but set it up well and it’ll sound so sweet.

Tidy Up the Wiring

This much equipment comes with a lot of cables. Make sure your setup is properly wired, with all the connections in place. Cables should be hidden under carpets or inside walls to prevent people from tripping over them, and to prevent them from interfering with your line of sight. It’ll stop them from getting tangled up, too, which will save you the headache of figuring out which cable to unplug.

Too Much Work? Leave It To the Professionals

Home theatre installation is a complicated process, and we don’t all have the capability or time to figure it out for ourselves. There’s too much that could go wrong and too many technical considerations. Here at Antenna Today, we can handle all that for you.

We can:

  • Professionally assess your home theatre setup and requirements
  • Install your equipment, including mounting your TV and positioning your sound system
  • Install new internal wall cabling or reposition existing wires
  • Install a new digital antenna or upgrade your existing one
  • Supply any plates and leads necessary for connections
  • Repair any issues with your existing system
  • Customise your installation according to your needs

Enjoy an easy, convenient, and affordable home theatre installation with Antenna Today. Contact us through now, or call us directly (0410 424 334) to speak with us. Then leave the work to us and enjoy family movie night or Friday film dates worry-free. 

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