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About Us

Hi, I’m Tom, Working Director of T&R Digital antenna today service and your local home entertainment and tv antenna installation provider. I was trained by Foxtel , Optus & Telstra and I have worked on all the platforms between 2005 and 2011 including but not limited to HFC underground & Arial connections, Optus disconnections and installations. I eventually specialised in Foxtel cable and satellite installations.


Over the years of contracting for the large Telcos I was trained and became licensed in telecommunications, cabling, working at heights, working in confined spaces, work safety, traffic control & power awareness to name a few. Customer service was always a big priority which included installation methods, assessments of dwellings, installation of the right type of equipment as well as customer education on products.


Since 2011 we have specialised in digital reception and all types of home entertainment installations. Installing and working with everything from tv antenna reception, wifi solutions, home theatre systems, CCTV & IP cameras, tv wall mounting & audio visual.


We love what we do and currently only servicing Adelaide and surrounding areas. We will not send out contractors – you will meet our small and professional team who will do all the work. This ensures that customers not only get the best value for money but also to guarantees customer satisfaction.


Due to my experience working for the big telcos, I truly believe that when customers deal directly with us as a team, we will save you money from being overcharged while also saving you from the risk of working with a contractor who doesn’t care about the work or your individual installation needs.

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