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You’re sitting on the couch enjoying your favourite TV show when you suddenly remembered that other show your friends have been talking about. Only you couldn’t join in on the conversation because your antenna coverage doesn’t include the TV station in its listing.

The image on the screen starts to flicker as if sensing your moment of doubt and you’re thinking, “how am I supposed to relax with this?”. You pick up your phone to call an antenna installer. Luckily, there are several in your area.

Question is, how would you know which one you’ll go with?

Here are seven things you’ll need to consider before hiring an antenna installation technician:

1. Reputable

Ask people in your area for recommendations. Check the antenna installation company’s website if there is one and their scope of service, contact details, and years in the industry to have an idea of their quality of service.

2. Experienced

It’s advisable to hire an antenna installer who not only has good technical skills but also has many years of experience in the industry. An experienced antenna installer means that he or she is better equipped to handle a wide range of technical issues and would know what to do when faced with unique scenarios.

3. Local knowledge

Knowing that your antenna installation technician has been servicing your community for a number of years will give you that assurance that they know your area well and would know how to best position your antenna relative to your signal source for optimal signal reception.

4. Efficient

When you’re busy and swamped with many tasks to accomplish for the day, you need an antenna installer who’s punctual and can get the job done efficiently. Look for one who’s reputed in your area to manage his or her work hours well while delivering high-quality service.

5. Customer service

Client reviews and testimonials can be a good source of information on the quality of service an antenna installation company can deliver. An antenna installer with great customer service is easy to contact, willing to commit to the client’s requested schedule, and will inform you on what you need to know about your antenna installation concerns.

6. Fees

While some may prefer to pay less for antenna repair or replacement, an antenna installer who charges well below the reasonable rate may also cut corners in his or her service. Hiring a professional installer who’s rate is within the prescribed range and is known to deliver quality service will save you the hassle of repeat repairs and dealing with more issues in the future.

By doing your research, you’re well on your way to giving yourself a great entertainment experience at home. At T & R Digital, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality antenna services. With more than 130 5 star reviews, you can rely on us. Call us today!

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